We are the best carpet cleaning company in Philadelphia and Long Island...

Do you ever wish you could find a great local carpet cleaning company that stands by their service...

...And that wasn't ridiculously overpriced?

...And showed up on time for your appointments?

...That were professional and courteous when they met you?

...And didn't over promise and under deliver?

At Spots & Dots Cleaning we stand by our service and aim for the best customer service experience, we show up on time, provide professional carpet cleaning, and offer a wide variety of packages and always have specials running for new customers.

Don't believe us? Our reviews show that we are the best carpet cleaners in Philadelphia and New York residents speak for themselves. Call us now to find out what you've been missing out on by not using Spots & Dots for your carpet cleaning needs.

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Not all carpet cleaners are created equal

At Spots & Dots, we take carpet cleaning to the next level. We have seen so many stains from red wine to pets that people didn't think we would get out...but we did. We don't mean to brag, but we are pretty good at this stain removal carpet cleaning thing. To prove it, here are some simple before and after photographs of some of our recent carpet cleanings in Philadelphia. The home owners were so happy with the results and obviously, so were we! Let us show you how we can make your carpets look brand new and get you similar results! Give us a call now to speak to one of our carpet cleaners to get your free estimate and book your first appointment.

before & AFTER

This carpet stain removal project was one for the history books, but the end results were amazing and we made sure to get all of those orginal spots & dots removed.


BEFORE & after

This homeowner was ready to replace their carpets due to the stains, but we came in and made them look as good as new, and now they have a good couple years of life let in them.