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Welcome to Spots & Dots Cleaning, we're happy you found us! We are a locally owned and operated cleaning company that has been operating since 2005 and focuses on residential and commercial clients for the last 7 years. 

We offer a wide variety of services, with our two main services being commercial cleaning and residential cleaning.

Our main services areas include, Philadelphia and South Jersey, and New York City and Long Island. However, we are constantly growing and expanding, so do not hesitate to call us to see if we service your area.



residential cleaning

We are the company to rely on for all of your cleaning needs. We only use the best products on the market, so they are safe for your family and pets. Spots & Dots Cleaning specializes in Residential cleaning services in the New York area. We provide custom cleaning packages tailored to the unique needs for each client. Contact our account managers to discuss your cleaning needs. 



window cleaning

Commercial & Residential Window Cleaning is a specialized service Spots & Dots provides. Many people think about cleaning their home and office, but neglect to clean their windows. Windows are the eye into your home and office, and should look as beautiful and clean as the rest of your home. We provide custom window cleaning packages for both the Philadelphia and New York area. Contact our window cleaning department to discuss your window cleaning needs.


commercial cleaning & JANITORIAL SERVICES

Spots & Dots Cleaning specializes in janitorial services specific for commercial clients. We provide custom cleaning packages tailored to the unique needs for each client. However, we do also provide in-home cleaning services. Contact our account managers to discuss your commercial cleaning needs. Spots & Dots Commercial Cleaning operation provides service in New York City and Long Island along with Philadelphia and Jersey area's. We are your one stop shop for all of your janitorial cleaning needs.



Carpet Cleaning

Is it time to get your carpets cleaned and you are looking for a top of the line cleaning company to make those carpets look brand new? Well look no further than Spots & Dots Cleaning. We are the company to call on for all of your carpet cleaning needs. We only use the best products, including organic and environmentally safe products to keep your entire family safe.  We also specialize in commercial carpet cleaning. Give us a call today to schedule your appointment.




From time to time we want to get our furniture back to looking brand new. Spots & Dots Cleaning is the best company to clean and deodorize any and all of the upholstery in your home. Spraying the couches and chairs will only mask the smells that come out of our furniture which is why you want the best company to come out and clean the upholstery in your home....Spots & Dots.





  • Medical Facility Cleaning 
  • Post Construction Cleaning  
  • Power washing
  • Commercial re-coating & buffering
  • Hardwood floor cleaning
  • Water Remediation
  • Stain Removal 


Unsure of what services you need? let us help! Here are some of the main questions to ask yourself when you think you may need a cleaning service:

  • Does anyone in your home or office suffer from allergies?
    • If so, you should consider getting your carpets cleaned more frequently. People who suffer from allergies are more sensitive to the dust, dirt and dander that can linger in carpets and furniture and cleaning them more frequently lessens the effects of allergens. 
  • Does anyone in your home or office smoke?
    • Nicotine can linger on clothing which can be transferred to the furniture or carpets. If you smoke inside your home or office it is more likely that the nicotine is being absorbed into your furniture and carpets. We have deodorizing treatments that will keep your home or office smelling clean and fresh (and nicotine free!)
  • Are there any pets they live or are in the home or office where you reside.
    • We love pets, but they sometimes have accidents, and they (almost) always leave pet dander. That dander can be lingering in your upholstery and furniture and you don't even realize it. It can make your carpets and furniture look dingy and dusty, and trap dander which can really negatively effect allergy suffers.
  • When is the last time you cleaning your carpets, windows, office, furniture, mattress, upholstery, or even entire house from top to bottom?
    • Don't worry - we're not judging. But the reality is, is that the days go by quickly, and sometimes, we are all just a little too busy. And that's where we come in...sweeping and vaccuming isn't always enough, sometimes you need the professionals to step in.
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Depending on how you answered some of these questions, we recommend a 4-12 month cleaning cycle. However, it all depends on the traction of your home or office...and if we are being 100% honest, you can never have your carpets too clean. We are always offering carpet cleaning coupons and discounts, so give us a call today and get your free quote!

What do our clients have to say?

We are one of the top rated cleaning companies in our area and surrounding area's.  (Check us out on Yelp!) We treat our clients homes and offices like our own, which is why our clientele keep coming back. So if you're looking for a cleaning company that is not only affordable, but also offers top of the line quality services and products, we are happy to show you why Spots & Dots Cleaning is so highly rated. 

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