How Frequent Carpet Cleaning can prolong the Life of your Carpets

If you are like most people changing the carpets in your house is not the kind of thing that you do very often. When you find carpets that you are happy with for your home most of the time you’d like to keep them for a few years and over that amount of time you want your carpets to stay in good condition. Understandably you might think that cleaning your carpets frequently would diminish the life of your carpets. It’s reasonable to think that perhaps cleaning your carpets too often would present them with too much wear and tear.

In all actuality frequently cleaning your carpet with a commercial carpet clean as well as vacuuming it on a regular basis helps to prolong the life of your carpet rather than putting more wear and tear on it. Vacuuming on a daily basis will extract dirt and residues from your carpet. These particles are harmful to the life of your carpet. In addition to daily vacuuming you should consider having your carpets professionally cleaned every six months to once yearly. Renting or purchasing your own equipment might be something that will be beneficial to do between professional carpet cleanings but it is no substitute for that yearly or twice yearly professional cleaning with professional equipment and people that know how to use the equipment.



In between these yearly or twice yearly cleanings keep up that vacuuming, spot clean when needed and consider doing things like using plastic mats or rugs in high traffic areas. If you have pets you might want to work extra hard at vacuuming and cleaning the carpets and maybe even increase the amount of times per year that you have the carpets professionally cleaned.

The thing to learn about your carpet is that no amount of maintenance is too much maintenance where your carpet is concerned. If you have a lot of traffic coming through your home vacuum more or put down protective plastic mats or throw rugs and if you have pets consider spot cleaning, vacuuming, and professionally cleaning more than you would if you do not have pets in your home.

Find a professional carpet cleaning company that is reputable and has the kind of equipment that can get the job done. Most of the time professional carpet cleaning companies that are going to be able to be trusted will have truck mounted equipment. If you hire a professional company that only has the kind of equipment you can go to your local supermarket and rent for a couple of hours you might want to shop around and find a more capable company for your professional cleaning needs.

Vacuum frequently, put down mats and rugs, spot clean, administer low key cleaning between professional cleanings and have a full total professional cleaning done once or twice a year. Be good to your carpet and it will last much longer.