Differences between Renting a Tile and Grout Machine vs. Hiring a Professional

Differences between Renting a Tile and Grout Machine vs. Hiring a Professional

So you’ve decided your daily cleaning efforts are simply not cutting it anymore. You’re going to need a bit of extra effort and help to get that tile and grout to its desired cleanliness. Maybe it’s spring cleaning time and you’re giving the entire house that extra bit of attention. Maybe you’ve just moved into a new space and the tiles have been greatly neglected in the past. Perhaps you’re inviting people into your home for a special occasion and you want everything to look its absolute best. The question on your mind might easily be whether you should go ahead and hire a professional or whether you should rent a cleaning machine and attempt the work yourself. There are several factors to consider.


The first item of concern for most people is going to be the cost of the project you are about to embark upon. The average estimated cost of hiring a professional to clean your tile and grout can vary based on the company, products, and square footage, but it is always worth reaching out to a professional, like Spots and Dots Cleaning to get a free tile and grout cleaning quote. As far as rental goes prices seem to vary pretty greatly depending on where you rent from and how long you intend to keep the machine.


Another important factor that must be considered is efficiency. You must end up asking yourself if renting a cleaning machine and doing the work yourself will turn up as much efficiency as hiring a professional. In most cases the answer to this question is probably going to be no. Professional tile and grout cleaners are just that; professional. This is what they do for a living. The experience and knowledge provided by a professional might be just what you need.


Either way you go you are going to want to know that the job done has been an effective job. You have set out for clean tile and grout and this is the only acceptable outcome. On one hand you are taking more of a chance, in renting the equipment and doing the job yourself you might save yourself some money and you might have the satisfaction of knowing you completed the task. It’s up for grabs whether you will do a job that is sure to leave your tile and grout as clean as possible. On the other hand one sure thing is that a job done by a professional will be professional work. This should mean that effectiveness is covered with this option. You may also save time in paying someone else to complete the job that would have taken hours away from your day. However, in turn, you will probably be paying more money for the quality service.

As with almost any choice there are pros and cons when it comes to choosing between renting the cleaning equipment and hiring a professional to do the job. You must ask yourself what the most important components are to you.