The pain of window cleaning, doesn't need to be a pain

Window washing is one of the most essential parts of keeping your home clean and looking tidy, but it is one of the most disliked parts of housekeeping. This is partly due to people not knowing how to keep their windows cleaned, and having "so many other things to clean". Most go for what is known as a "wrong" approach; this is using paper towels and a cleaning solution that may not be good for cleaning. This results in streaky, sticky windows that look worse than they did before you cleaned them. Straight from the professionals, this is how we suggest you clean your windows and make them sparkling! (These tips and tricks are not a substitute for our window cleaning service)

Wipe, don't rub.

When you are trying to get the cleaning solution of your choice off of your windows, the worst thing you can do is rub. All you are doing is essentially rubbing in the mix of cleaner dirt, dust, and whatever else may be on your windows. That results in dirtier windows than when you started, and a very sticky film on your windows. The best thing to do when cleaning your windows is to wipe them down. Wiping gets rid of all dirt, dust, and cleaning solution stuck on your windows. They come out sparkling and flawless afterward.

Use window cleaning tools.

While paper towels and other around the house items may be quick and easy to use, you will end up with windows that look streaky and hard to see out of. Instead, there are a number of cleaning tools that were made just for window washing. These range from a window wiper to a squeegee. Depending on what you use, these are perfect for any type of windows. Whether you have small windows or beautiful picturesque windows, each tool will get rid of any dirt, grime, and cleaning solution and leave a window that is sparkling and looking new.

Dry after cleaning.

Another trick is to dry your windows after you have washed them. Sometimes when you let your windows air dry, dust particles that are near your windows and other grime can be attracted by the wetness, leaving your beautiful windows clean for only an hour or less. However, if you dry your windows with a rag, all the remaining water will be soaked up and you can keep your windows looking flawless and clean for weeks at a time. Only use a rag as using paper towels can cause streaks in your window.

Clean your windows AT LEAST twice a year.

You don't have to keep your windows clean every week, or even every month. According to the pros, if you clean your windows every six months, it will keep your windows looking brand new, as well as take a little bit off of your to do list with chores. No one wants to feel like they need to clean their windows every week; that's too much to do and no one has time for that. Every six months works perfect and takes a bit of stress off of your shoulders and tedious work off of your schedule.

These are the top tips for window cleaning. They are simple, can fit in your budget, and you will be left with windows that look like they were just installed!

Cleaning your windows does not have to take hours at a time, nor does it have to break your budget. These simple, easy tips will have your windows cleaned in a matter of minutes and you will appreciate the time and money saved by cleaning this way.

Good luck and happy cleaning!