The secrets of stain removal

Keeping our carpets clean can sometimes be a full-time job. Between running a household, having a career, and managing a family, things are bound to happen to our carpets that are out of our control, and also that happen when we aren't watching. However, there are simple ways to keep your carpets clean and to remove any and all stains that may be plaguing your carpets. You don't need to call a professional every time (even though, we definitely don't mind); here's four great tips to tackle any stains your carpet has on your own:

Not all stains are equal.

When cleaning stained carpeting, you have to see what kind of stain you are dealing with before you begin the cleaning process; is it a water soluble stain, a special water soluble stain, or is it a stain that features wax, urine, glue, etc.? If you were to clean a water soluble stain with a simple mixture of vinegar and water (a water soluble mixture cleaner), it would not get rid of hefty stains like wax. Finding the right cleaning solution will help you clean your carpet and make stains disappear.

Use dehumidifiers after cleaning.

Drying your carpet after cleaning can take quite a while. At times, it can take up to four or more hours. However, you can speed it up with the help of a dehumidifier. Using a dehumidifier cuts your drying process in half. In addition, it helps to lock in the cleaning solution you used and really get out any and all signs of the stain you previously had. This also prevents the risk of mildew or any type of bacteria growing from your carpet being wet and causing an even bigger problem for you and your household.

Use a strong PH solution to clean.

When cleaning, it is recommended that you use a cleaning solution that has a high PH balance. The reason behind this being that a PH balance of at least 10 or under will remove any and all detergents you used to clean your carpet. If you were to have any cleaning residue in your carpet, it can cause bacteria growth, or if you have pets, they could lick up the remnants of the cleaning solution and harm them. A PH balance of 10 and under will remove all detergent remains and make sure your carpet is 100% clean.

Blot, don't rub.

Lastly, when cleaning up stains, make sure you blot the stain and do not rub it. Even though you are using a cleaning solution, if you were to rub the stain with the cleaner it will make the stain worse. Rubbing makes the stain go deeper into the carpet fibers, which makes it nearly impossible to clean up. Instead, blotting gets down to the very bottom of the stain and helps to get rid of every particle and leaves your carpet stain free, clean, and looking brand new. Many people who rub when cleaning make the stains worse and have either been stuck with a ruined carpet, or need to spend money to buy a new one.

These four tips are the best kept secrets in stain removal of carpets. While they will not replace the use of hiring a professional carpet cleaner, the will help you for spots, and stains that come up in between your appointments. While there is no way to keep from making stains, these tips are easy to follow and will have your carpet looking brand new and stain free within an hour. Try them out and see how well your carpet looks after a good deep clean!