When it comes to cleaning, we all have one thing that we hate more than anything, which is cleaning the Grouts between the tiles. Cleaning them most often takes a lot of time, and we need to rub a lot and often use a variety of cleaning products that are full of chemicals, which don’t smell good, and sometimes the job is not even close.

We want to offer you some tips and tricks on how to clean your tile and grout at home:

If the grouts of your tiles begin to darken, clean them with a toothbrush dipped in unrefined white vinegar. You can also do the mixing of powder for biscuits (or baking soda) with water. Or, mix the cup of a mild detergent cup with ten liters of water and, with the help of the sponge, clean the critical areas and rinse with water. There are also markers for painting the Grouts, but they are recommended for smaller surfaces. They are used as ordinary pens.

If you are looking to clean your tiles along with the grout lines, it is necessary to wipe them every day with a wet cloth. If we think about bathroom tiles, they are exposed to a lot of water, heat and sometimes make not only the grout lines darker, but the tile lose its color.

Here is an at home solution you can try today to help, but you should never use abrasive products to clean tiles!

Make a solution of 100 ml of white vinegar, 100 ml of ammonia and 4 liters of warm water. So, clean the tiles and rinse them with water. Or, dilute the vinegar with the same amount of water, wipe the plates and rub them with a dry cloth.

You can also clean floor tiles with a soft brush, and wall sponge (gloves are required). When you clean the surface, do not flush them immediately. Wait 15 minutes, so do it with plenty of water, then wash with a mild detergent, rinse again and wipe with a cotton swab.

Here's one recipe that can help you and is easy to make:


  • 7 glasses of water (1,5 l)
  • 1/2 cup of baking soda
  • 1/3 glass of lemon juice
  • 1/4 cup of alcoholic vinegar
  • Once you have cleaned it with this resource, the Grouts and tiles will look new!


  • In 1.5 liters of water, dissolve the soda. Add lemon juice and after that, pour the vinegar slowly.
  • Wait until the reaction of the chemical passes and your mixture is ready for use.
  • Then apply a brush or a sponge from the mixture and clean the Grouts and tiles.

At Spots & Dots Cleaning, we know that realistically, every time your tile and grout gets dirty, you need options to help you clean it at home. However, when you are ready for a tile and grout cleaning, please give us a call to schedule your appointment however, these recipes will help you maintain the tile and grout during that time.