What does Office Cleaning Usually Include?

So you’ve decided to hire a professional commercial cleaning company for your office? Seems like a sound decision to me. Life and work are complicated enough without having to worry about the little things like: Is there enough toilet paper in the bathroom? Will my desk be noticeably dusty when I have that big client in for an important meeting? Is there mud all over the break room floor from all the rain we’ve been having?

With the addition of a professional cleaning service to your office environment you can focus on your work and they can focus on theirs. At the end of the day you will have been able to get a productive day of work in and rest easy knowing you are able to do it in a clean environment. Now that you’ve made the decision to hire a cleaning service you might not know where to turn next. There are plenty of questions to consider but one of the top ones is definitely, what should the office cleaners I hire be expected to do? There are a few things you can expect professional office cleaners to take care of no matter what company you are dealing with. Other more specialized things might vary from company to company or might be done more on a weekly or monthly basis vs. a daily basis.  

As follows is an example of a few things that you can expect your office cleaners to do on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis:


  • Empty trash cans                                   
  • Vacuum carpets
  • Sweep and mop tile floors
  • Attend to hardwood flooring
  • Dust
  • Clean glass doors, surfaces, and windows
  • Clean bathrooms including toilets, sinks, countertops, restocking of toilet paper and paper towels, and cleaning bathroom mirrors


  • Buff hardwood floors
  • Clean behind office equipment and shelves
  • Clean windows inside and outside


  • Clean out vents and change filters
  • Scrub walls free of any marks

A schedule set up similar to the one lay out above should ensure that everything is getting done around the office in an appropriate manner. And please keep in mind, all commercial cleaning contracts can be customizable based on your needs, but this is the difference between daily, and monthly.

If you have a commercial cleaning company, the members of the office will be free to focus on the work they are meant to do leaving the worry of the cleaning to the professionals. First impressions can do a lot to make or break the image of your office. Bringing new clients into a clean orderly environment is a must for making the best first impression. It will also be helpful for office morale in general for the people working in your office to be able to work in a clean environment without the added worry of having to do the cleaning themselves.